The Next Generation Cloud Sales & Distribution

S&D Next

  • S&D – NEXT, is a next generation Cloud Based & Android Based Secondary Sales Management Solution
  • More than 1000 implementations across Pakistan
  • Cloud Based Solution, hence hassle free installation
  • Always LIVE!
  • LIVE GPS Tracking
  • User Friendly Interfaces
  • Android Based Order Booking, Delivery & Collection Management
  • Reduced workload of operations team
  • Customers History & Self Performance Reports For Order Bookers
  • Very Comprehensive Centralized Scheme Engine
  • Real Time Team Performance view
  • Real Time Stock Position at Distributions & Retail Shops
  • Multi-Channel Sales Management
  • Asset Management
  • Costs saving with smart working
  • Powerful BI & Dashboard Reporting Tools for Real Time Analytics & Decision Making

Extended S&D Suite For Your Business Needs

S&D E.Suite

  • Demand Based Replenishment Software
    • Distributor Order Portal
    • System Suggested Replenishment Planning
    • X - Days Order Buckets
    • Key Benefits:
      • Reduced Process Cost
      • Optimized Stock Levels
      • Cost Effective Transportation
      • Higher Services Levels
  • Sales Forecast Software
    • Bottom Up Forecasting Approach
    • Accurate Sales Forecast Based On Last Year Sales
    • System Suggested Forecast
    • Well Managed Inventory Levels
    • Key Benefits:
      • Efficient Growth Plan
      • Reduced Cost
      • No Tiresome Data Collection
      • Higher Trust Levels Due To System Based Figures
  • Merchandizer Software
    • Optimizes product visibility
    • Eventually better Sales
    • Branding Surveys
    • Planogram
    • SKU GAP
    • System Based Route Planning
    • Real-time Reporting
    • Mobile Asset Inventory
    • Promotions
    • Competitor Info
  • Distributors Claims
    • Systems Based Claims Settlement
    • Optimizes the complete Claims management
    • Higher Customer Trust levels
    • Controls on Financials
    • Work Flows For Approvals
    • Complete end to end tracking on basis of claim type
    • Distributor and approver with ageing
    • BDO Portal
    • SR Claims Automation & much more...
  • Sales Incentive
    • System Based Sales Incentives
    • Convenient Gauge of Incentive for Sales team at all times
    • Incentive Parameters: Perfect Store, MSL, ECO & much more...

People Management On The Go


  • Cloud Tenants’ HCM+ (Human Capital Management) Solution offers end-to-end employee lifecycle management, integrating; HR, Time, Attendance, Payroll, Scheduling & other processes of HR & Payroll Management.
  • Reduced IT Dependency
    • Cloud-based solution
    • Easy to setup
    • Cost Effective
    • Always Available
    • No Heavy Investment On Servers & Maintenance
  • Employees Always Engaged
    • Employee self-service android app
    • Empower employees to take control of their precious time
    • No time wasted querying their line managers or HR for queries
  • Eliminates Payroll Errors
    • Automation of time and attendance management Minimizing payroll processing time and minimizing costly payroll errors.
  • Reduce Administrative Burden
    • Reduction in time spent by managers on administrative tasks
    • Streamlined and simplified work-related processes i.e. Attendance Adjustments & Overtime approvals, holiday requests, etc.
  • Increased Productivity and Cost Reduction
    • Real-time visibility of the presence, availability, and activity of teams
    • Ensuring high levels of productivity.
  • Streamlined Processes
    • A single employee record
    • Single source of data for all payroll and HR-related records. & much more...

Supply Chain Management The Smart Way


  • Cloud Tenants’ SCM+ (Supply Chain Management) Solution offers end-to-end Supply Chain Cycle.
  • SCM+ solutions leverage the power of managed automation
  • Efficient Data analysis
  • Work Flows For Approvals
  • Works In True Live Environment
  • Web Based Portal
  • Android App Work On Economical Android Devices
  • Batch & Expiry Management
  • Pallete-wise/Location-wise/Batch-wise Stock Position
  • Batch & Expiry Management
  • Barcode Module
  • Comprehensive Inventory Management From Receiving to Dispatch
  • Power BI Reporting Tool & much more...

The Ultimate Warehouse Management Partener

WMS Next

WMS Extended is a highly efficient & effective software to manage inventory and stock movement in the Warehouse. Unlike the conventional warehouse management, it provides more features like:

  • Fully Monitored Warehouse Operations
  • Material Replenishment Planning on forecast basis
  • System suggested Warehouse space provisioning
  • System suggested Container provisioning
  • System Based, Docking, Arrival, Picking, Put away, Inventory Control & Shipment
  • System Based Audit
  • Delivery management
  • Automated Palletizing
  • OCR for Batch Reading
  • Batch Management
  • Expiry Management
  • Easy Product Traceability
  • Effective, Quick, & Accurate Stock Control
  • System Suggested Labor & Resources Management
  • Power BI Dashboards for complete view of Warehouse Operations and Decision Making & much more……

Suite Of Module For Your Retail Business


  • More than 40 Mega Stores Implementations
  • Industry leading business management application.
  • Easy to use
  • Fully customizable Point of Sale Systems
  • Works in both the environments Online and Client/Server
  • POS-Xtreme fits all types of retail businesses, starting from Basic small retail shop to large chain of retail outlets with exceptional back office capabilities
  • POS-Xtreme has variety of modules from Basic POS system to complete suite of modules as Add-Ons

Suite Of Module For Your Module Business

POS Select

  • More than 70 Food Outlets Implementations
  • POS-Select fits all types of restaurants, starting from Basic small restaurant to large chain of restaurants with exceptional back office capabilities
  • POS-Select is highly scalable from one outlet to multiple outlets all around the globe
  • POS-Select has variety of modules from Basic POS system to complete suite of modules as Add-Ons
  • POS-Select provides integrated environment for:
    • Ordering
    • Inventory Management and control
    • TAB Order Booking
    • Real-time alerts with mobile management capabilities
    • Robust back office management can help increase revenue, cut cost and boost your profit margin.
    • Instant reporting SMS/Online Web reporting for management

Android E-Pharma App

Pharma +

  • Works In True Live Environment
  • User Friendly & Very Easy To Use Interfaces
  • Always LIVE on Cloud
  • Web Based Portal For Managers
  • Android Application For Medical Reps
  • Android Application For Managers
  • Works With Smart Devices (Tabs, Smart Phones, etc.)
  • Eliminates The High Servers & Administration Cost
  • Eliminates The Need of Expensive & Heavy Servers
  • World’s Leading Power BI Dashboard Reporting Tool
  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • Live Team Performance Monitoring
  • MR Management
  • Work With - Manager Visits
  • Event Management
  • Power BI Management Dashboard & Much More.

The Next Generation Financial Partener


  • Our Finance Modules covers:
    • Cloud & Based Application
    • Account Payable
    • Customer Management
    • Profit & Loss
    • Trail Balance
    • Tax Management
    • Receipt Voucher
    • Payment Voucher
    • Payment to Supplier
    • GL Ledger
    • Payable & Recievable Summary
    • Budget
    • Balance Sheet

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP & Other Modules

  • Our comprehensive & Fully Integrated ERP suite supports the entire lifecycle of multiple businesses
  • Our ERP Modules covers:
    • School Management
    • Customer Feedback Management
    • Sugar Manufacturing ERP
    • Vehicle Management
    • Import Module
    • Freight Forwarding ERP
    • Production Management
    • Field Force Management
    • Service Desk Portal
    • Primary Sales